How Transmission’s positioning continues to evolve

By Chris Bagnall |
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How Transmission’s positioning continues to evolve

Elevating the human experience in B2B for more relevant sales and marketing.

Transmission’s never been a B2B marketing agency that follows the masses or adopts the textbook way of doing things. We’ve grown by innovating, challenging the norm, and creating new methods of delivering an always-growing number of marketing services.

We don’t do this for the sake of it but because doing so helps us break new ground, driving better performance in everything we do. It’s a mentality ingrained in our agency, keeping us fresh and ready to face client challenges with a view to the future. And it’s the thinking underpinning our tagline, ‘Driving the Now, Defining the Next’.  

But if the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that with change comes opportunity. With this in mind, we’ve recently evolved some of our positioning to keep us aligned with market needs and to differentiate ourselves from an increasing number of agencies who all seem to sound the same.

A Transmission fit for the future

Let’s face it, a huge part of marketing’s role in business is driving growth. Most of what we do at Transmission is focused on doing just that. But that’s a given. Saying you focus on growth isn’t a differentiator and being an agency focused on growth marketing is merely table stakes.

What isn’t is Transmission’s obsession with every element that goes into creating great B2B marketing – marketing that, of course, contributes to growth. We believe it involves a focus on elevating the human experience. One fuelled by curiosity, creativity, and innovation to connect people and businesses with ever-more ‘relevance’.

“But why the human experience?”, you ask. Because B2B purchase decisions are made by humans – often in groups or committees – but humans, nonetheless. And as with all human beings, they’re subject to the same core impulses and emotions whether buying for a business or as a consumer.

What does this mean in practice?

Our role as an agency is to help our clients connect with their audiences, building connections to potential sales and therefore, revenue. Effectively appealing to an audience is about optimising what we can to create more relevant communications.

For us, relevance covers many aspects, including:

  • The insight used to create a message
  • The data that drives the insight used to target an audience
  • The technology used to track a customer journey
  • The personalisation applied to all tailored content
  • The role of both rational and emotional decision making in influencing purchase decisions 

This is to help guarantee we’re ‘human experience-centric’ in everything we do. It involves weaving a brand’s purpose across every interaction and relationship – ensuring our clients’ brands stay consistent across the customer journey while also appealing to evolving audience demographics. 

In practice, this means we need to understand:

  • Who the customers are, their needs, wants, and desires
  • How a brand fulfils those needs
  • How well we understand the buyer journey
  • What the critical moments are in this journey
  • How messages can deliver the exact experiences required at those critical moments

But insights without action are meaningless. We apply our core values of being endlessly curious, innovative, and creative to push the boundaries of what we create, maximising our effort-to-results. 

How we embody this in our day-to-day approach

To bring this to life, we’re continuing our mission of guiding, innovating, and challenging our clients’ marketing to deliver ever-better engagement with audiences. Creating impact and success requires us to always start with the ‘why’. It’s what drives us to challenge ourselves, each other, and importantly, our clients to deliver better outcomes.

As an agency, we believe that challenging the norm is positive. When done without fear of judgement or criticism, it highlights where we can improve and reinforces what we’re doing right. And as we strive to better engage audiences, it ensures we’re customer obsessed in everything we do.

Building on what already exists pushes us to create work driven by insights from as many data points as possible. It allows us to craft campaigns and programmes that connect with audiences in tailored and impactful ways, making it almost feel like we know them personally.

Something we call Applied Intelligence

Sitting within Transmission is a team of individuals responsible for continuously evolving parts of our service agency offering. We call it our ‘Applied Intelligence’ division. It acts as an incubator for ideas and innovation, taking our outside-of-the-box thinking to new heights to help us continue to define the next in B2B.

Applied Intelligence leverages our cumulative agency expertise to build new ways of working, adopt the latest tech, find fresh uses for data, and evolve our services – helping us deliver marketing more relevant to our clients’ target audiences and customers.

And when we do all of this and apply it in the right manner… yes, you’ve guessed it – it drives ‘growth’.

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